What you can get?

  • 40% SHARE of the coins made in profit during the service
  • Highly Secured strategy to guarantee the safety of your acc.
  • Daily Statistics on the activity and profit of your FUT

What you should do?

  • Add your acc. to the system
  • Play games occasionally according to your regular schedule
  • Update the status and detail of your acc. in the system

How To Get Free FUT Coins

  • step1

    Add FUT acc.

  • step2

    Set your game schedule

  • step3

    Play FUT occasionally

  • step4

    Watch your coins increasing

What You May Concern

  • Do I have to pay when I join the free coins project?

    It is completely free to earn FIFA coins here, no payment is required. Meanwhile, you need to provide your game acc. login information.
  • Will my acc. be safe during this service?

    Yes, secure transaction and management strategies are applied to maximize the security of your acc..
  • Can I still play FUT after adding my acc to the system?

    Yes, if you want to play FUT, it needs to be emphasized that we strongly recommend you play according to the game schedule you set.
    Besides, in order to ensure a considerable profit, we recommend that you just occasionally play the game, not too much, so as to leave enough time to make profit for your FUT.
  • When will the free coins project go live?

    Good News to all FUT Fans, the project is now officially launched!
    Here comes the chance for you to earn FIFA 23 Coins with a Single Click.
  • For more questions, you are welcome to contact us through the following channels, WhatsApp, Telegram and Email.

Security Guaranteed

Safe and reliable. No risk of being banned.


Completely Free

No charge of money for our service, we take certain percentage of the coins made in profit instead.


Automatic Verification

Simple process, automated process of transferring coins.


Considerable Profit

Watch yout coins profit grow steadily and rapidly in the dashboard

Notice : Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account