Celebrate The Festive Season With The FC 24 Holiday Update!

time 2023-12-11 22:29
Sell FC 24 coins for real money on U7BUYUT today! The FC 24 Holiday Update is the last major update of the year. Otherwise known as Title Update 6, this patch comes with important additions and changes for the most beloved game mode, Ultimate Team. It also has gameplay changes impacting all game modes.

Say Hello to New Players in the FC 24 Holiday Update

The FC 24 Ultimate Team roster gets a major expansion. The Holiday Update brings 92 new player items. Right after a Squad Update, you will be able to integrate these new cards into your teams. The selection includes famous athletes such as Adama Traore and Santi Cazorla. Sergio Ramos is making a comeback to LaLiga. Two new Squad Building Challenges are here enabling us to step into the festive season with more rewards. The Player Moments Adama Traore SBC allows us to earn a new wingback player type. The newest gameplay updates allow the developers to implement wingback play with unprecedented realness. The reward from this SBC has the right wingback position. The three Play Styles are Rapid, Flair, and Quick Step+. This card is your quick way into sideline domination. The updates impact the playmakers as well. These cards will be more desirable after Title Update 6. Representing this category, we have center defending midfielder Ismael Bennacer. The card's Play Styles are Pinged Pass, Incisive Pass, and Tiki Taka+. The card will allow players to control possession and make more strategic attacks. The Holiday Update comes with 102 player star head updates. Footballers such as Gregor Kobel will have more realistic in-game pictures. Six new managers are joining the fun as well. You can employ Luis Enrique to manage your team after the update. The game ambassador Diogo Jota receives a new signature celebration that honors the FC 24 game logo. Now, let's see what will change in regards to the gameplay.

FC 24 Gameplay Changes in the Holiday Update

The following three updates concern the PC, PlayStation5, and Xbox Series X|S version of the game. When marking central attackers, midfielders and strikers will have less aggressive behaviors. The defensive squad will put less pressure on the footballers on the sideline. The track speed of computer-controlled players was decreased in three and five back formations. The next changes are general. When players use the move goalkeeper input, the speed of the goalkeepers will be lower. Goalkeepers will stay in their final spot for a short while before they go back to the regular position. The maximum speed of the footballers when controlled sprint is used was reduced a bit. Player items with the Power Header and the + variant of this Play Style will have visibly reduced header shot precision. Footballers that benefit from the Finesse and Finesse+ Play Styles will have a somewhat lower finesse shot accuracy.

FC 24 Bug Fixes in the Holiday Update

The defender team will properly track attacker runs after a kick off. The tackling defender’s legs will not go through the ball anymore triggering a foul. Player items that don't have the Intercept Play Styles will not do animations specific to those Play Styles. The ball will not go to the attacker after slide tackles. A precision ground pass will correctly go to the closest teammate. Goalkeepers will attempt to save penalties directed at the goal's middle. The festive spirit takes over FC 24 thanks to the new main menu backgrounds. During December, cold and snow effects adorn the game. The footballers will put on their winter kits. Come January, a rainy theme will replace snow. Welcome the winter holidays with a gift of FC 24 coins from U7Buy!

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