FIFA 23 Future Stars Leaks, Predictions & Release Date

time 2023-02-01 11:18

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Team of the Year may be the promo on everyone's minds at the moment in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, but the fan favourite Future Stars will return imminently!

Celebrating some of the best young players in world football, the event imagines what these players could look like at the pinnacle of their careers.

Check out everything you need to know about the Future Stars promo in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team right here and stay on top of all the latest news and leaks.

Future Stars Release Date
The Future Stars promo will take over from Team of the Year on Friday, 3 February, at the usual time of 1pm ET / 6pm GMT.

The event will run for two weeks, with Team 1 dropping initially, then Team 2 following it on Friday, 10 February and leaving packs on Friday, 17 February.

The campaign has already started, with the Future Stars Swaps system releasing on Monday, 30 January!

Tokens will be available throughout the event, with the corresponding SBCs being released on Monday, 6 February, then expiring on Monday, 20 February.

Latest Loading Screen
A new loading screen for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team has given us the usual three-card tease, getting us hyped for the Future Stars promo.

Given the leaks we've seen, we're pretty sure the cards shown are for Julian Alvarez, Karim Adyemi and Gavi - but we will have to wait until the release to find out for sure!

Future Stars
The Future Stars promo will be familiar to many Ultimate Team fans, with it first appearing in FUT 19 and returning every year since.

It is a celebration of the best young players in world football and hands out massive upgrades that imagine what the selected players could look like in the future.

If a player has already had a Future Stars card, they cannot gain another one, which keeps the promo fresh each year, with only players aged 23 or below included.

Of course, the usual boosted players will be released into Packs and coming via SBCs and Objectives, with Academy Objective Players expected once again and Future Stars Swaps Tokens returning too (more on both of them below)!

Future Stars Academy Objective Players
Something that sets the Future Stars promo aside from other events is the Academy Player Objectives, which is leaked to return in FUT 23.

In these tasks, you will earn a card and be able to upgrade it via Objectives, mimicking the progress of a player's career.
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