FIFA 23 Gullit Gang Members: THREE New Cards Included With OFFICIAL Stats Revealed

time 2022-09-02 13:51
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If you're looking for a dominant all-rounder for your team, it sounds like you're looking for a member of the Gullit gang.

We've got you covered with all the names that should pique your interest, along with the final list of all Gullitt gang members in FIFA 23.

Latest - first official member

21 new FUT Hero cards have been introduced in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, getting a Marvel-inspired makeover thanks to the new EA x Marvel partnership.

As part of the new FUT Heroes promotion, EA has released ratings and basic stats for the new FIFA World Cup FUT Heroes, which means we've met the first official members of the Gullit Gang!

Yaya Toure (89 OVR), Claudio Marchisio (88 OVR) and Park Ji-Sung (87 OVR) all made the cut and will be very popular cards in the FUT community.

It should be said that the ratings shown are for players in the slightly boosted World Cup version, so we don't yet know if their base FUT hero cards will also be part of the gang.

What is the Gullit Gang?

Before we begin, let's define what "Gullit Gang" means.

If you're not a regular FIFA player, you've probably heard the term, but don't worry because it's a very simple concept.

Being a member of the Gullitage Gang is defined as a player with an 80+ rating on all base card stats (speed, shooting, passing, dribbling, defense, and fitness).

As the name suggests, it was Ruud Gullit's first FIFA Legends card in FIFA 14 that inspired the term, and many players still eagerly seek out members of the Gullit Gang to this day.

Because few players are such effective all-rounders, it's an exclusive club, and members often find their way through enhanced promotional editions in Ultimate Team.


For Kika in FIFA 23, there is a very short list made up of one player we would like to see in the Gullit gang - Leon Goretzka.

His base rare gold card in FIFA 22 got him promoted, and in updates throughout the year, he saw his rating rise from 87 OVR to 88 OVR, which is where we think he'll start in FIFA 23.

Several players - Marcos Llorente and Emre Can - are close to membership, however, we haven't seen them level up before FIFA 23, so they'll likely miss out.

Throughout the Ultimate Team event, we'll see the gang go from strength to strength, with promotions giving the cards multiple boosts, so be sure to check back here to see who else is included.
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