FIFA 23 News: All the latest rumours and leaks as new Career Mode feature revealed

time 2022-08-11 17:37
Whether they're set in stone or just rumors, we've got you covered with all the latest details on every aspect of FIFA 23. Don't forget that U7buyut is the best place to sell FIFA Coins to earn money!
EA Sports has battled leaks multiple times over the past few years, and FIFA 23 looks to be no different.

You won't miss anything keeping up with this page as prolific leakers start sharing some potentially groundbreaking information about new features.

Latest - Player Profession Features

Career has seen some of the most impressive updates in FIFA 23, with numerous changes to make this oft-forgotten mode one of the best in the game this year.

These changes include:
player personality

Perform certain actions on and off the court and you will earn personality points that will accumulate and expand your personality, allowing you to gain benefits and perks.

Your actions and decisions on the pitch will be closely monitored by the player personality system.

For example, every time you decide whether to connect with your teammates or leave the ball a little more to prepare yourself for a shot, it shapes your player type.

These types of decisions contribute to three distinct personality types:



Each personality point you earn is associated with a different personality.

For example, passing the ball to a teammate for an assist can generate Heartbeat points, while shooting the ball can give you Maverick and Virtuoso points.

When you reach the final level of player personality, you can reach an absolute level that will give you more benefits and help you become a player.

off-site activities

Off-field activities allow you to further shape your player's personality beyond games and training.
Activities include:


Decisions come out of context and are the result of what you do on or off the field.

Decision-making can include reacting to things beyond your control.

For example, if your team wins a cup final, you can choose to accept honors, humility or praise for your team spirit - all of which affect your player personality.


Investing allows you to potentially increase the money you make in your career.
Some investments are riskier than others, and as you progress in your career and collect more money, you will gain more investment opportunities.

Investment activities include clothing brands, mobile applications and stock market transactions.


You can choose whether you want to buy something that will help you grow as an athlete, like exercise equipment, or buy something flashy to add a little glamour to your life

You'll be able to hire staff, participate in charity events, and more. As your finances grow, you will gain access to more items, services and activities that will allow you to improve your personality, improve attributes and expand your collection.

All of these new additions help make FIFA 23's Career Mode the best it's ever been.

Revealing gaming innovations

EA dropped the branded game trailer on Wednesday, July 27.

Showcased for over 10 minutes, breaking down new game features and showcasing the new HyperMotion2 technology.
Women's Soccer Club Confirmed

Women's club football will make its first appearance in FIFA 23, with WSL and Div 1 Arkema set to feature in this year's competition.
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