Five details of EA FC 24 Career Mode you missed

time 2023-08-04 02:00
The latest deep dive of EA FC 24 has been released, and we're really excited about some of the new features showcased in it.
It looks like EA is finally showing some love for the career mode, and these additions are the first step on CM's road to recovery.
While the main features get the most attention, there are plenty of smaller features that deserve praise as well.
With that in mind, let's take a look at five key additions you may have missed in the latest EA FC 24 Career Mode reveal. If you have farmed too much FC coins, remember to visit U7BUYut to sell FC coins for real money!

EA FC 24 Career Mode
Career Mode returns in EA FC 24, and EA is working hard to make this version its best yet.
Enhanced tactics and a new growth system are the main features of this mode, and the player's career has also been widely loved.
We always say that the little things make the difference, and it's no different with EA FC 24. These newly released features are ready to take things to the next level.

New Cutscenes
A big part of career mode in recent years has been the presence of new cutscenes, and EA FC 24 seems to be setting the bar even higher.
The latest deep dive reveals a host of new cutscenes, from training sessions to transfers and the thrilling Ballon d'Or in this year's game.
These new cutscenes always add that extra flair, helping to make Career Mode feel more immersive and realistic.
There's no doubt that these gorgeous new scenarios will play a major role in players' careers, and your custom star will once again be challenged to rise to the top in the ever-changing football landscape.

Sponsored Shirts
Custom shirts have been in Career Mode ever since create-a-club returned, but there were some obvious issues with templates.
This year, EA looks to have listened to the community with the arrival of shirt sponsors now confirmed.
Whilst we don't yet know whether different sponsors will command different fees, having the chance to make the shirts more realistic can only be a good thing.
Shirts without sponsors are the pinnacle for all football fans but they ultimately do not exist much these days and the arrival of new templates in EA FC 24 will help further that sense of realism when customizing your club.

Bench Warming
The new viewing mode in EA FC 24 has been widely hyped, but the context around it could be even more exciting.
An angle appears to show the perspective of a player sitting on the bench, which can provide an entirely unique experience during a player's career.
While this may seem trivial, experiencing the stadium from a whole new perspective is a great way to add something different to the overall gameplay.
It remains to be seen whether this angle will become annoying anytime soon, but it's a small detail that we really like about the look.

Agent Play
Looking back at the EA FC 24 Career Mode deep dive, eagle-eyed players noticed something new and exciting about careers.
On the side tab of the user interface, your agent will provide regular updates telling you about different upcoming opportunities.
Again, little details like this go a long way, as having an agent in the game can change the dynamics of a player's career.
Whether they're delivering good news or telling you that a transfer fell through, having an agent in the game is a great way to create a more immersive narrative around your custom star.

Enhanced AI
Career Mode players have been asking for CM AI enhancements for some time, especially when it comes to transfers.
Hopefully, the little details in this improved review will prevent transfers like Jude Bellingham to Burnley from happening on your career mode saves.
Instead, having a more challenging AI will open up different skill brackets for the mode and challenge you to spend your money wisely in each key area.
Of course, whether this AI will actually show its brain remains to be seen, but let's hope EA at least moves EA FC 24 in the right direction.

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