UEFA Women Champions League And Gameplay Updates Coming In FIFA 23 Title Update 9

time 2023-03-30 13:36
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FIFA 23 Title Update 9 Patch Notes

We will start with the most significant feature of Title Update 9: the Women's Football additions. The UEFA Women's Champions League is now available in Tournament and Kick Off modes. The National Women's Soccer League can be selected in the above modes and also in Online Seasons and Friendlies games. The women's football roster got four new clubs. Players will be able to select Juventus, Real Madrid C.F., VFL Wolfsburg, and Eintracht Frankfurt. Ten signature celebrations are part of the update too. Items such as balls, tattoos, star heads, logos, trophies, credits, kits, badges, ad boards, anthems, and more have been updated. Title Update 9 revises the FIFA 23 gameplay with changes and bug fixes Footballers that have the explosive accelerate archetype will accelerate quicker in the first stage after a spring was requested. When a player gets the ball while jockeying, they will control it better and the ball will not bounce away that easily anymore. Driven ground passes to teammates that are ahead of the player who has the ball have increased accuracy. This happens if there are no defenders pressuring the passer. The contextual logic for the situation that had to determine if a standing tackle request should lead to a standing tackle or a push-pull from a defender was made better. The update favors the performance of more standing tackles. When players request a power shot, the chances of a knuckleball shot are higher. The speed of the ball from a free kick with the outside of the foot was decreased. The range for a defending player to try a tackle that was not requested was decreased. The consistency of a ball flick for an aerial ball was increased. Title Update 9 has just one revision for Ultimate Team. A stability issue that happened in Co-Op Friendlies mode was found and fixed. The FUTBallers event is underway. Players have the chance to complete daily Squad Building Challenges for high-rated items.
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