How to get Free FIFA coins?

Create a secondary FIFA account on your console to get free coins to improve your main FIFA account players and squad. Play several games every day till you gain access to the FUT Web App transfer market, or sell unnecessary accounts that have already unlocked the web app transfer market to us, you can decide to get paid by real money or get FIFA coins in exchange.

How to sell FUT Accounts?

It doesn't matter whether there are FUT coins in your FIFA account or not, or whether it`s just a secondary account which you no longer need (e.g. SBC account). The only thing you definitely need to confirm before selling is whether the transfer market on FUT Web App or FIFA companion app is UNLOCKED or not.
Log into your FUT account with FIFA companion app or FUT Web App, then head to Transfer Market to see if you are able to search & trade FIFA players. Please unlock your account if the following message shows up: Your account has not earned access to the Transfer Market on the Web and Companion apps yet. Continue playing FUT on [PS4/XBOX One] to unlock access to the Transfer Market.

Follow the steps below to sell your FIFA account on this page:
1.Select the correct platform.
2.Fill in your account, password and backup code.
3.Click 'Submit for Inspection' to start processing, the result will appear on the page within 1-2 minutes.
4.You may sell the player in your account before the evaluation to get the max profit.

1) All the data information (including EA Origin & PSN / Xbox One).
2) Correct input of information required, including Backup Codes.
3) The Transfer Market in your account has to be available on the WebApp.

How to unlock FUT Web App transfer market in FIFA?

It takes no effort to unlock the transfer market on the Web App, the unlimited access to Companion App transfer market will be approved within few days, your account is still valid even occasional offline/online matches has been played with it.
A direct access to the web/companion app transfer market is guaranteed if your FIFA account actively participated in the previous season. Only in the event of violations of EA's terms of use, may it lose access to the transfer market again. Regarding your secondary FUT account, on the other hand, a little more diligence and discipline is required, because it often takes about 7-10 days and 20-25 FIFA Ultimate Team matches till you unlock the transfer market on the WebApp.

How to Get EA/Origin Backup Codes?

1. Log on with your Origin Account E-mail and Origin Password
2. Click “* Account and Billing” , then choose “ Security”. Make sure your Login Verification Status is “ On ”.
3. Click “View” to get the Backup Codes. Make sure the backup codes you submit are all UN-USED, you can also click “ Create New Codes” if they are all used.

How do I get coins after I sell my FUT account?

We will inspect your account and change the account information, check the "Sold History", there will be a "Get Coins" button in "Sell Record --- Status", fill in your main FUT account email, password and backup codes. We will transfer the coins to your main account after that.

What is Player Aution?

If you already know Player Auction from the customer's perspective, you just switch sides here. In our panel you will see different players at given prices, which you can select and buy.

The purchase prices are always higher than the market prices, so that FIFA Coins can be transferred from your account to another account with our system. The corresponding amount will be credited to you for the amount of FUT Coins that were transferred.

How do I sell FIFA Coins with Player Auction?

1. Login
Log in with your U7BUY account and choose "Sell Coins - Player Auction" as your preferred transfer method.
2. Player selection
You will see different players that are currently available to be bought. Choose a player by clicking on "Sell Now".
3. Buy players
Buy the player within a time window of 5 minutes.
4. Confirm the player's purchase
If you have bought the player with your FIFA Account, click on "Player Bought".
5. Our system will verify the transaction
Our system will check if the player has been bought.
6. Credit $ to your balance
If the transaction is successful, the amount for the player in $ will be credited to your balance.

Rules for Player Auction

1. Player selection
Make sure you have enough FIFA Coins to buy the selected player.
2. Marking "Player Bought"
Only click on “Player Bought” if you have bought the player.
3. Player bought but not clicked on "Player Bought"
The Balance will not be added to your account if you do not click on "Player Bought"
4. Are there any penalties if I abuse the system?
Yes, we have a penalty system that can lead to the loss of your U7BUY account.
5. Buy at max one player every 24 hours per FIFA Account.
To keep your own account safe, you can only buy player once every 24 hours.

Is U7BUYUT Player Auction System Safe?

Yes, we have years of experience in this area and you will only be shown players and buy prices with which the transfer of FIFA Coins does not cause any risk for your account.

How does the API work?

You can sell coins to us using our API System, for further details, please contact us via WhatsApp, Telegram or Email.

Notice : Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account